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Who are you?

You’re reading this, right? Well you are. So then, I’m talking about you here. So here I’m trying to describe and characterize in a few sentences the reader of this blog. Here is my ideal reader, buyer persona, avatar, reader persona… or call it whatever you want.

Who is the (ideal) reader of

Well, his name is Peter. A little over 30 years old. A wife, a child. He lives in a big city. He earns well, quickly climbed the career ladder. He’s intelligent. He’s not an extravert. He doesn’t want to be the most popular guy on Facebook, so he doesn’t write fifteen times a day on it. Rather he focuses on doing his job as well as he can, step by step achieving his goals. He achieves them – he simply lays out a plan and busily realizes it.

He works for a web-based company. Quite a cool company. Though he wants to change something in his life. He wants to try his own thing. He wants to set up his own business, run it at his own cost. In fact, he’s already started to build his business. Slowly, discreetly. In the meantime, he lays out his plan. The plan which will allow him to achieve the established position on the market. He’s already slowly started testing various points of his plan and products on small groups of users. He’s looking for more inspiration. He’s looking for the route which he’ll be able to take. He’s looking for interesting cases, tips, solutions, hacks, which will enable him to achieve his goals.

His main goal: to have his own online business. To leave the company he works for when his business is ready for it. When his family won’t be affected by it. He’s reading this blog because he wants to find out what more is worth trying and how to improve what he’s already doing.

Doesn’t sound like you?

Don’t worry. I’m not discriminating anyone ;).

In fact I’m writing for an imaginary Peter, but that doesn’t mean that people who don’t fit the above characteristics won’t suit or won’t find anything interesting for themselves. Of course they will… Anyway, check this by yourself.