When you realize that even if you’ve got a full-time job, you may have time to work on your startup – you ask yourself: when? The obvious question that comes to your mind is: in the mornings? Or maybe at night?

I already wrote about why I think you have time to work on your startup, even if you’ve got a full-time job. This time I would like to answer another question: what’s better? To work in the mornings, before going to your full-time job. Or maybe after that? During the evenings, or the nights?

Of course, people are not the same. Some people prefer to work during the nights, some people prefer waking up earlier and doing something creative in the mornings. I was a typical night-owl. I used to think that I’m able to do much more during the nights. But I don’t think that anymore. Therefore, if you ask me now: mornings or evenings, I would say: in the morning.

Why the mornings?

There are three reasons that comes to my mind:

  • Deadline
  • Nothing to lose
  • Tiredness

You have natural deadlines in the morning

Let’s say you need to be at work at 9am. And you need about an hour to prepare yourself and transport yourself to the office. That means that you need to be ready to take care of all of that by 8am. And no later than that.

In this scenario, if you wake up at 6, you have two hours for working on your business. No more than that. And you probably know, as much as I do, that there is no better motivation than deadlines.

In two hours, you can do much more than you think.

And by staying up late at night you have no deadlines, so you stay much longer. And this is when the second reason comes.

You have nothing to lose in the morning

If you work at night, you may be sure that you won’t wake up early the very next day. Because we all need some particular number of hours of sleep to charge the batteries. And even if we have enough sleep – working late at night means that we are going to bed with the head full of ideas, solutions, problems and all the other things we have to face in our business/startup.

And the blue screen of our devices. Yeah, it also doesn’t help in resting at night.

And by working in the morning, you have nothing to lose. You may go to your bed on time, so you won’t be late for work the very next day. You may rest a bit before going to bed, focus on other things (not related to your startup).

Simply rest a bit.

And this is when the third reason comes.


The first thing is the resting thing I mentioned above. We – as human beings – need to rest during the night, during sleep – this is how it works.

But the second thing is being tired because of what happened during the day. If you work hard at your job – and many of us work hard at our full-time jobs – you’re tired in the afternoon or in the evening. And it’s much harder to find motivation to work on the startup if we’re tired. And it’s much harder to do good work, when we’re tired. It’s much harder to work properly, work hard, work fast.

We don’t have this tiredness thing in the mornings. Because the whole day is in front of us, not behind us. So we don’t have a reason to be tired yet.

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