We all have it. At least from time to time. We work extremely hard, don’t sleep too much and have no results. At least no significant results of our work. No clients, no earnings, no new visitors, no new subscribers. Disappointment – yeah, this is the feeling we all have from time to time.

Now, it’s the right time for me to write about all of that. As I’m extremely busy and tired of everything going on around me. And I still can’t see any results. No real, valuable results of my work.

Lack of time

Because I work really hard on too many things at once.

However, I have no choice. This is who I am. I have to work on them, as I want to move them forward. In the next couple of days #dladzieciakow will start (huge charity project I do once a year since 2014), so I have a lot of stuff to do around the project (legal and organizational stuff, partnerships, website, looking for donors, chatting with everyone somehow involved etc). In addition, I have a more-than-a-full-time job at PayLane, I build Squidility, one more SaaS product, I do some startup consulting for a couple of companies, make films on YouTube, record podcast episodes, write for all the blogs I’m involved in.

Even, with the best planning ever, it’s quite impossible to take care properly of all that stuff. I don’t sleep a lot, as I have deadlines. I’m tired, as I don’t have enough sleep. I don’t have good enough results of all these things, as I’m doing too many things at once. So I’m disappointed.


As I’m doing too many things at once, I don’t have a chance to do any of them well enough to have tremendous results. And because I don’t have such results – I’m disappointed.

And when I’m disappointed, I often want to give up. Failures don’t motivate me. They teach me a lot, but don’t motivate me. Successes, even the smallest ones, do.

But I don’t have any successes if I don’t take care enough about any of my projects. Vicious circle.

What to do?

At least I know what to do in such situations. It’s not the very first time I have such a feeling. So I know how to fight it to not go crazy.

There are three things I need to do as soon as possible to improve the situation:

  • Leave some things for later
  • Make a plan (with timeline) to finish the most important project (with the highest priority) as soon as possible
  • Have success

Let’s go through all these things.

Leave some things for later

I don’t mean give them up. I mean leave them for some time, so you can focus more on the most important thing – project with the highest priority. Once you finish the most important (for now) project, you will be able to return to the ones left over.

This doesn’t mean that you need to leave all the projects, except the one with the highest priority. This means that you need to leave as many of them as you can, so you could have as much time as possible, to accomplish the most important project.

For me this means focusing on #dladzieciakow, as this one has the highest priority (because of the deadline). Also PayLane of course, as this is my job to grow it as much as possible. In addition, blogs and YouTube, as these things are the part of my daily habits and I want them to be my daily habits.

What I will leave for next couple of weeks is Squidility (building product), the new SaaS project I mentioned earlier and my podcast. What I also need to do, is to reschedule all of my startup consulting projects – for sure for at least a couple of weeks.

Make a plan to finish the most important project as soon as possible

For me it’s #dladzieciakow now.

There are three steps here. I need to plan:

  • Deadlines
  • Finish date
  • Tasks

Why deadlines? Because this is damn important to know your hard deadlines. Deadlines that you can’t exceed, because if so, you will disappoint people (or at least yourself).

Why finish date? Because this is extremely important to have the date when it’ll all over, so you can sit down, drink a glass of wine and celebrate finishing it.

Why tasks? Because you need to know what has to be done and when, so everything could go smoothly.

I already established deadlines for this project. I know when we’re going to start collecting money and when what has to happen to have the best effect on the project (e.g. we’re going to start collecting money on November, 7th).

Also I already have the finish date. I’m going to stop collecting money on December, 2nd. The day after will be the day of celebrating.

Tasks – now I need to plan all the tasks, everything that has to be done and when to achieve as much as possible between the start and the finish dates.

Have success

I’m addicted to success.

I truly love them. Smaller ones and bigger ones. Doesn’t matter. I simply need to feel that I achieved something that I’ve wanted to achieve. And this is something I call a success.

I know that I won’t have any success on my blogs or on my YouTube channel in the near future (I treat them as long-term investments). I also know that I won’t have any significant success at PayLane in the near future, as we’re working on a few rather big projects currently and till we finish them, there is no chance to have any spectacular success. #dladzieciakow – yeah, I need success here. I need to do everything I can to feel successful at the end of donation period.

Success motivates me. And I truly believe that once I have success here, my strengths will return and I will have the motivation to work on other things.

One more thing

I also have an idea how to organize my day-to-day things better. But this is something I’m going to describe some other time. Now I test it carefully on my own, on me.

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