Impossible? Everything is possible. It’s all in your head. Seriously. Simply set your goals and go for it.

How to Achieve the Impossible? Set Your Goals. And Make Seemingly Impossible Goals, Possible.

I don’t want to sound like some freaky motivational speaker. I’m not a motivational speaker. Neither am I a guy who wants to tell you that you may achieve anything you want, any time you want.

But the truth is that everything IS possible. The other thing is if you gonna make it. Because everything depends on your approach. And luck, of course.

Have a look at the most successful business people today. Most of them probably never dreamt about having such a huge and profitable businesses. They simply started something, then were working hard, set goals and were working even harder to accomplish them.

Because goals are the thing that differ people who achieved something and those who did not

People who achieved something, who are successful – have set goals. Long-term or short-term goals. Goals for five years from now, annual ones, monthly ones, weekly or even daily ones. Everyone has a different way. Everyone has their own way of doing something or planning something. But what unites all of them is that they had and still have goals to achieve. Clear goals, written goals that they review on a regular basis.

You can’t achieve something spectacular if it’s not your goal for the next week/month/year/10 years. You can’t achieve the impossible if this impossible-to-achieve-thing is not one of your goals.

Only by setting goals you don’t forget about things you wanna achieve

“I can’t do this”, “it’s not possible”, “I’m not gonna make it”, “it’s too hard”, “not me”, “I have no chance”, “I will try, but I don’t know when”.

I hear that bullshit all the time. I hear that bullshit way too often.

Wanna achieve it? Then set the goal and go for it. Try. Even if you’re not gonna make it, you will learn why. At least you will learn something. You will be smarter thanks to all the knowledge you gain during the time of trying.

And not only set your goals. It’s not a New Year Resolutions thing. We are not talking about resolutions here. We’re talking about goals. Something that you really want to accomplish. And if you want to achieve your goals – review them. Review them regularly.

By reviewing goals on a regular basis, you have them in front of you all the time

Achieving goals is often tough. And by tough I mean really tough. So don’t think that everything you need to do is to write your goals down. You need to review them. Depend on your goals – that could be weekly reviews, daily reviews, review every second month or every half a year. But you need to review them. Regularly.

And make a plan.

Not only set and review… also make a plan

Once you have your goals written, start making a plan. A plan to achieve goals. Write down everything you need to do to achieve your goals. All the goals should have steps that have to be taken to achieve them.

Your goal is to go on a vacation? Then probably you need to find a place where you want to go, book flights, rent an apartment, take a vacation from your work, save some money, talk to your family, buy some stuff etc. Write down all of that. Plan everything. When you want to do what, what you need to do while taking every single step of this journey to goal accomplishment.

The same is with all kind of business goals you may imagine. The same is with all kind of goals you could ever think of.

Goal is just a goal. Every single one of them is built from the small steps/actions that you need to take care of first. And what brings you closer to achieving your goal is accomplishing them.

So for god’s sake…

Everything may be possible.

And if you want to switch this impossible thing into something possible, you need to:

  1. Set your goals, write them down
  2. Set a plan for reviewing them on a regular basis (as often as possible, so you won’t forget about what the most important things are)
  3. Set a plan for each particular goal (write all the steps/actions you need to take to achieve your goal and plan how and when you wanna take them)

And now… 3, 2, 1, GO!

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