When you start a company or promote for a new position you often start to build your own personal brand. You want people to see you as an authority.

When you start a company or promote for a new position you often start to build your own personal brand. You want people to see you as an authority.

Especially if you’ve been promoted and became a manager. Earlier on you were a normal guy, partying with your colleagues, always laughing, always happy, always funny.

Now you’re not. Now you are a manager. Or you are an entrepreneur. So you need to be serious.

At the same time you are starting to have problems with hiring people, which are simply better than you are. You don’t look at the company or the team. You look at yourself. You want to be an authority. So you want to be the smartest one, the most interesting one, the most experienced one…

And that’s the worst thing you can do.

With better people you can build a better product/company

Better employees = better work = better outcome = more satisfied customers = more sales = bigger revenue.

When you hire a new employee you should ask yourself: Does this person make the team better? If so, you should hire him/her.

You will learn more from people that are better than you

There are no people that are great at everything. There are no people that are authorities in everything they do. Do you want to be an authority? Find a field that you feel good with and learn. As much as you can. Become an expert in it.

You don’t need to be a great programmer if you are a great marketing specialist or a great salesman. You don’t need to be a great graphic designer if you are a great copywriter.

Hire people better than you. So you can learn from them. So other team members can learn from them.

Everyone’s better than you at something

I just remembered about an interview that I haven’t seen for a while. Brian Solis’ interview with Guy Kawasaki. The interview is quite good and these sentences are incredibly worth remembering:

“Most people don’t understand… everybody you meet is better than you at something. (…) That person is as good as you are. That’s the bottom line.”

Are you great at graphic design? Awesome! So don’t try to also be the best web developer, copywriter, system administrator (…). It’s better to focus on managing your team of specialists.

Look at this as the chance… chance to learn new things and build a better product/company. Trust me, you can only benefit from working with people better than you.

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