Finding a co-founder for your startup, business partner for your company just looks like an easy thing. In fact, it’s not.

Finding a co-founder for your startup, business partner for your company just looks like an easy thing. In fact, it’s not.

And even more difficult is finding a good co-founder/business partner.

Why it’s so important to find a co-founder?

For two reasons:

  1. A co-founder will motivate you to work when you don’t have the strength to do all you need to do.
  2. If you are complementary – you have a much bigger chance to make a really great product.

What does a GOOD co-founder really mean?

It means that:

  1. Your co-founder will believe in your product/vision/company as much as you do.
  2. Your co-founder will be as much engaged in your product, as you are.
  3. You and your co-founder will be complementary.

Ok, so how to find a good co-founder?

Let me show you how…

A co-founder could be close to you… family and friends

That should be the first place to look for a co-founder. You should look around you. What kind of people you can see? Can you see someone that could be a good co-founder? That could be interested in building the business together?

These people are often the ones that you trust. So first look for a co-founder close to you.

From a recommendation

The second thing you should do is to ask for a recommendation of people you trust.

It doesn’t have to be someone from your family or your best friend. However, it has to be someone you trust (e.g. someone you know from Facebook and you know that he/she is an expert in something).

Just meet with someone you trust and ask for a recommendation. Maybe he/she knows someone who’s worth a recommendation.

On websites for professionals

That’s a really great way to find a co-founder that has skills that you don’t have. Simply check out websites for professionals and talk to people that are active on these websites.

Do you need some of IT-guy as co-founder? Check out github or some sites like, or

Do you need a graphic designer as a co-founder? Check out behance or dribbble.

Of course it’s difficult to interest some stranger with your idea/product/startup. You don’t know each other. For sure he/she doesn’t know you, so for sure at first he/she doesn’t trust you.

Build trust first, because it’s worth it. If you interest him/her… you will gain a real professional as a co-founder.

In social media

First you need to start by chatting with people you are connected to (e.g. on Facebook). Just like before – you need to ask them for recommendations.

If that doesn’t give you particular results – you should check out groups (e.g. on Facebook or LinkedIn). There are two types of groups that could help you in finding co-founders.

  1. Groups for people that are looking for co-founders. In such groups you will simply find other people that are looking for co-founders. Probably you won’t have any problems to find someone that you will be able to interest by your idea. However you don’t know anything about their skills, so you don’t know if they are worth your attention.
  2. Groups for professionals. Just like in the case of websites for professionals – you can find real professionals here, but probably that will be difficult to interest them by your idea (because they don’t know you).

If you still can’t find someone interesting (by chatting with your friends and on groups) – you should use your news feed or wall and ask all your followers if they know someone worth your attention. Maybe some of your followers know someone who’s worth being recommended.

On blogs and web portals

Lots of professionals build personal brands nowadays. By writing articles, by podcasting, by publishing their work somewhere.

So it’s worth taking a look at popular blogs and look for someone who’s publishing there. That could be a blog owner or someone who published a guest post there.

Do you need a web developer? Check out all the blogs with tutorials, blogs about programming, websites for developers.

Do you need a graphic designer? Check out all the design blogs.

Business developer? Like above.

Sales person? Like above.

During conferences and events

All the industries have their own events. All the bigger cities have their events. It’s not a problem to find some web-related event in your city. Check out barcamps or meetups. Search on Google. Ask some of your friends if they know any events worth your attention.

And simply go there and talk to people. Maybe you will be able to interest someone with your product.

Current business partners and co-workers

At last you can also take a look at your current co-workers. Maybe there is someone who you trust and with whom you will be able to make this idea happen.

That’s the most risky way to find a co-founder… you need to be careful not to damage anything in your current work or relations with your current co-workers. Also your boss might not be too happy if he/she finds out that you and your co-worker are trying to do some other business.

So be 100% sure that it’s worthy to involve someone from your current work before you start to talk to them.

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