I’m pretty sure that there are lots of entrepreneurs, founders and really good specialists around you. Probably even better than you in many fields. Look closer. Am I right?

I’m pretty sure that there are lots of entrepreneurs, founders and really good specialists around you. Probably even better than you in many fields. Look closer. Am I right?

So, I need to share my golden rule here.

Listen to more experienced people, hire people better than you, don’t imitate others.

Listen to more experienced people.

You don’t need people more experienced in your industry. You don’t need people more experienced in things you do.

Sure, it’s always great to have someone who can give you some great advice, tailored to you, your business, industry and all the stuff you do. But the fact is that you don’t need such advice or such people. You need people that are more experienced in being in the skin of someone who you are or want to be.

If you are a founder or an entrepreneur – you need someone who is or was an entrepreneur. If you are a programmer – you need someone with a huge tech background/experience. If you are a sales person – you need someone who was (or is) a phenomenal sales person.

I love to listen people that are more experienced than me. Often they have other experience, other thoughts and tons of ideas. But even then such talks open eyes, inspire and often help to solve problems that will appear in the future.

You won’t learn more from any book, school or course than from an experienced individual.

Hire people better than you.

I truly believe that hiring people better than you is simply one of the best decisions you can make as a founder or an entrepreneur.

I already wrote on this blog why you should hire people better than you. So let me just focus on my three reasons why (for more I highly recommend reading this article: 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire People Better Than You). Ok, so here they are:

  1. With better people you can build a better product/company
  2. You will learn more from people that are better than you
  3. Everyone’s better than you at something

Don’t imitate others.

Never, ever. Never, ever imitate others.

Imitating others won’t give you the same results as they achieved. They achieved such results because of many factors (product, reputation, team that they had, technology on place, network/connections they had and what’s probably the most important: because of time and place).

Listen to others. Learn as much as you can from them and their experience. Take a look at their case studies, read about issues they had and things they did differently than others. Now read the previous sentence once again. Things they did differently. That’s why they succeed. Because they did something differently than others.

By imitating others, in the best scenario, you have a chance to be a copy of the guy you’re trying to copy.

Listen and learn. Inspire and motivate yourself. But do not imitate. Be yourself and find your own path to achieve success.

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