Marketplace Software Development

From idea, through planning, development, testing, to deployment. We help at every stage, we build marketplace products for clients from different countries, with different needs.

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marketplace software development

Marketplace software development carried out by specialists

Different types of businesses have their own specific needs and requirements. It is no different with marketplace businesses. Sometimes we are talking about marketplaces with services, sometimes with products. Sometimes b2b, sometimes b2c. Sometimes with physical products, sometimes with virtual products. And sometimes about something else. In addition, there are legal conditions, regulations, standards – all these affect the system architecture. We know it. And we know how to handle it.

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We are a technology partner you can trust

We have cooperated with marketplace companies from many countries around the world. Our systems supported transactions from clients from all possible continents, in b2b, b2c or marketplace businesses. Marketplace software development is one of our key specializations. And we are proud of it.

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marketplace software development
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Backend, frontend – whatever you need

Both in the backend and in the frontend – we help on both sides. Popular technologies and frameworks in which modern marketplace software is created have no secrets to us. We are not afraid of databases, devops or architectural challenges. Marketplace software development for us is a full range of necessary developer competences.

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Over the years, we have gained experience in the FinTech and marketplace industries. We advised on various projects, but we also developed them ourselves.

“Marketplace software development is one of our key competences and specializations. In this regard, we help companies from all around the world. We build systems, tools and applications. We implement and maintain them. The world of online marketplaces is an absolutely natural environment and everyday life for us. “

Karol Zielinski
karol zielinski


Go-to-market strategy, business strategy, IT, marketing, payments strategy.

FinTech strategy

Marketplace strategy


From strategy, to execution. Digital marketing activities dedicated to the FinTech and marketplace industry.

FinTech marketing

Marketplace marketing


Consulting and implementation. From national and international regulations to industry standards and recommendations.

FinTech regulations

Marketplace regulations

Software development

From simple tools to huge distributed trading systems. Design, development, deployment.

FinTech software development

Marketplace software development