Marketplace regulations

From an idea, through planning, analysis, to the implementation itself. We help at every stage, with regulatory issues and standards prevailing in businesses based on the marketplace business model.

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regulacje w marketplace

Marketplace regulations – implemented by specialists

Different types of businesses have their own specific needs. It is no different with businesses operating in the marketplace model. Marketplace platforms deal with a large number of regulations, often without even realizing it. Regulations, acts, standards – all these are part of the marketplace’s everyday life. We know it. And we know how to handle it.

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We have worked with marketplace companies operating in many countries around the world. We helped them analyze ideas and projects, create procedures and processes, obtain licenses, and go through security audits. Both in b2b and b2c marketplaces. Marketplace regulations are one of our key specializations. And we are proud of it.

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regulacje w marketplace
regulacje w marketplace

Omnibus, PSD/PSD2, AML, KYC, PCI… – whatever you need

We help with regulatory issues, with industry standards, but also with everyday challenges related to the security of transactions on the platform. The marketplace regulations for us is the full range of necessary competences, but also cooperation with the best lawyers and law firms specializing in this area. In many countries of the world.

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Over the years, we have gained experience in the FinTech and marketplace industries. We advised on various projects, but we also developed them ourselves.

“Marketplace regulations are one of our key competences and specializations. In this regard, we help companies from many countries of the world. We built systems, platforms, tools and applications. We helped introduce appropriate procedures and processes, obtain licenses, and go through security audits. The world of marketplace platforms is an absolutely natural environment and everyday life for us. “

Karol Zielinski
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From strategy, to execution. Digital marketing activities dedicated to the FinTech and marketplace industry.

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Consulting and implementation. From national and international regulations to industry standards and recommendations.

FinTech regulations

Marketplace regulations

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From simple tools to huge distributed trading systems. Design, development, deployment.

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