Finding a good – I mean really good – graphic designer for your startup is extremely important. Nowadays, it’s simply a crucial thing to have a well-designed tool.

Finding a good – I mean really good – graphic designer for your startup is extremely important. Nowadays, it’s simply a crucial thing to have a well-designed tool.

Why it’s so important to find a good graphic designer?

For one reason: people buy using their eyes. You can have the best ever technology behind your tool. You may have even better customer support. You may have a corporate culture better than Zappos has. But you know what? There’s still quite a large chance that no one is going to buy anything from you. Why? Because your tool/product/website is ugly.

Don’t do it by yourself (unless you’re a professional graphic designer). You’d better find someone better than you and pay for it. You can trust me – it’s worth to pay for this work.

And you’d better find really GOOD graphic designer. You need to have a really GOOD interface/website/landing page/ad/package/business card/whatever.

Ok, so how to find a good graphic designer for your startup?

Lately I wrote about how to find a co-founder. The process is quite similar… but not the same.

From a recommendation

That should be the first place to look for a graphic designer. You need to ask for a recommendation of people you trust.

It has to be someone with an experience in this subject (e.g. he/she had to hire a graphic designer in the past). That could be someone you know from the web, some entrepreneur, marketing specialist, social media expert etc.

Just meet with someone you trust and ask for a recommendation. Maybe he/she knows someone who’s worth a recommendation.

On websites for professionals

That’s my number ONE way to find a graphic designer, if those that I cooperate with on a regular basis are too busy to do something new for me.

Simply check out websites for professionals and talk to people that publish their work on these websites.

From my experience – you only need to check out two websites: behance and dribbble. Both of these websites offer you a way to contact designers. So simply contact them and ask if they want to design something for you.

Build trust first, because if they are good – probably they already have a ton of work to do. So take some time to describe your project and yourself. It’s worth doing so, because if you interest him/her… you will gain a professional designer.

On blogs and web portals

Lots of professionals (especially graphic designers) build personal brands nowadays. By publishing their work somewhere.

So it’s worth taking a look at popular design blogs and look for someone who’s publishing there. That could be a blog owner or someone who published a guest post there. If you like what they published – simply contact them and ask if they want to design something for you.

Also it’s worth to look at all kinds of showcase blog posts on these design blogs (such as XYZ Best Websites Out There, XYZ Landing Pages That Sell etc.), find an author of these featured works and contact him/her.

In social media

First you need to start by chatting with people you are connected to (e.g. on Facebook). Just like before – you need to ask them for recommendations.

If that doesn’t give you particular results – you should check out groups (e.g. on Facebook or LinkedIn). Groups for professionals. Just like in the case of websites for professionals – there’s a chance that you find real professionals here.

If you still can’t find someone interesting (by chatting with your friends and on groups) – you should use your news feed or wall and ask all your followers if they know someone worth your attention. Maybe some of your followers know someone who’s worth being recommended.

A good graphic designer could be close to you… family and friends

You should look around you. Can you see someone that is a good graphic designer? That could be interested in designing something for you?

These people are often the ones that you trust. So maybe it’s worth to give it a try?

Current co-workers

Finally, you can also take a look at your current co-workers. Maybe there is someone who’s a great graphic designer and the same time… who you trust.

Just as in the case of looking for co-founders – that’s the most risky way to find someone to cooperate with… you need to be careful not to damage anything in your current work or relations with your current co-workers. But sometimes it’s worth to try.

But first be 100% sure that it’s worthy to involve someone from your current work. Be 100% sure that it’s worthy before you start to talk to them.

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