Some time ago I answered the phone. In the speaker I heard the voice of a woman who represented one of the largest Polish companies which deal with creating databases of debtors. She was a sales-person.

Some time ago I answered the phone. In the speaker I heard the voice of a woman who represented one of the largest Polish companies which deal with creating databases of debtors.

They created a sort of program for trusted companies. A certificate for those, which don’t possess any debts and are worth establishing cooperation with them. They were looking for customers. So they called me.

– Good morning, (…), I’m calling you, to congratulate you for your great business. I’ve had a look at your website today. I saw, that it’s in two languages. I’m impressed with how great you’re coping in Poland and abroad. That’s just the kind of company we have prepared our special services for (…)

– Thank you for the call, but we are already your customers.

– Oh sorry. I haven’t seen your company anywhere in our database.

At that moment I realised, that the woman called my private number. Strange.

– Excuse me, what company are you calling?

– just… justbe…

– Justbemore?

– Yes, exactly.

– Do you realise that the company hasn’t existed for 4 years? That our website vanished from the web in 2008?

– Oh in that case sorry…

I didn’t drag on with the topic. You could hear by her voice how silly she began to feel.

When I look for a sales-person, what counts for me above all are two features of a person

Firstly: interesting personality, ease of building relationships with other people, openness.

Secondly: soul of entrepreneur, ability to “getting into customer’s business”, understanding someone’s business model.

The first feature is typically human. With which someone is simply born with or not. Later on of course he may develop certain habits and learn some tricks, which allow him to better present himself on a daily basis.

The second feature however is something much more important. It’s the ability to listen and read with understanding. It’s the ability to ask the right questions. The ability, which makes us solidly prepared to talk to customers. Due to this… we are much more interesting.

We are therefore more effective.

In the field of online payment, which I associate with every day, it’s the only way to achieve success. Most payment providers are the same. They offer the same set of services, having similar fees. Anyway – when you really think about it – it’s similar in many other industries as well.

So you want to achieve something? You need to stand out.

And when you find something that won’t make you be just another one of many, then you just need to find a way to sell it appropriately.

Start a research. Know your customer. And find a perfect place for your product in your customer’s business. A place in which after implementing, the customer’s business becomes better business. And just focus on it.


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