If you ask me what it’s all about in 2017, what’s the most visible marketing trend this year, I answer without any doubt: live content. It’s all about live content in 2017.

And by live content I mean two things:

  • Live content platforms/functionalities, e.g. Facebook Live
  • The way people create content, e.g. Snapchat

Live content platforms

Saying that it’s popular is like saying nothing. It’s much more than ‘popular’ now. And will be even more.

Facebook Live is everywhere today. People/marketers/bloggers try to build a bigger audience thanks to this platform, and reach even more people than ever before. And they do this successfully, because what’s great about this is that Facebook promotes live videos (it notifies users about someone’s live streams).

The same is with YouTube Live. YouTubers don’t only record videos, edit (so these videos look more professional) and publish them nowadays. They also do live streaming. More authentic videos. Without editing anything. And just like in the case of Facebook… YouTube promotes this kind of content.

And more, and more, and more… because Twitter does live streaming and Periscope does (yeah, it’s owned by Twitter, but also has their own app, so we may treat them separately), music.ly does, even tumblr does. Come on, live streaming is everywhere. Live content is everywhere nowadays. And because every platform promotes it, it will be more and more popular. More and more content creators will create such content.

The way people create content (live content)

I remember the talk with my marketing colleagues a couple of years ago. We discussed the marketing strategy for PayLane (in the case of social media). My idea was to put more casual content on our social media channels, because thanks to that we could gain a more human face. My thinking was: if people realize that there are some normal guys behind the company, they won’t treat us as some typical payment company, a bank or some other financial institution. From my perspective, social media was all about authenticity and it allowed us to build a more authentic/more human brand over the years.

Now social media platforms allow us to be even more authentic, to show even more from our humanity. And it’s all because of live content. And it’s all because the way the modern social media platforms force us to create content.

Yeah, Facebook Live or YouTube Live is the one thing. But take a look at platforms like Snapchat or Instagram Stories. On the “old-school social media platforms” (Facebook/YouTube/Twitter) you can choose – to create live content or the standard one. The new platforms often force us to create live content, instead of standard one. On Snapchat, you can send photos/videos to your audience, which were taken/recorded now. Not yesterday, not a week before. Not edited in Photoshop, Final Cut Pro or any other software. Live content, taken/recorded now, possibly, but not necessarily filtered/edited on the spot, in Snapchat. Yeah, of course you can upload some photos or videos from your Camera Roll, but they appear with this awful white border around, so… no. Simply no.

It’s a little bit easier on Instagram (Instagram Stories), because you may use the photos/videos from your Camera Roll (from last 24 hours), but still… the vast majority of content appearing there is the live content (taken/recorded now).

Live content is a damn interesting trend

Honestly, live content is a damn interesting trend. Not thinking if my content looks professional enough to put it online; not spending hours/days/weeks/months on film editing, on removing imperfections from my videos or photos.

No more excuses like: I don’t have professional gear to create this type of content (audio/video), I can’t edit films/photos, I can’t take photos, record videos. Because in the modern world it’s not about looking professional at every turn. It’s all about authenticity.

PS. Yeah, audio is going live too. Good news for the radio stations and podcasters. Honestly can’t wait.

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