karol zielinski

Experienced executive, senior manager, entrepreneur.

Experienced executive, senior manager, entrepreneur.

Hi, I’m Karol Zielinski and I help tech companies achieve ambitious goals.

Experienced executive with track records in various leadership roles.

E.g. C-level executive, General Manager, Head of, Deputy Managing Director, Management and Supervisory Board Member.

International and locally focused tech companies with big ambitions.

Various industries, e.g. FinTech, e-commerce, marketplace, cybersecurity, online media, PetTech.

Extensive responsibility over business transformation, restructuring, and growth.

Years of experience in both SMB and high-growth stage companies. Bootstrapped, VC-backed, as well as PE-backed companies.

I never stop learning, developing and trying new things.

Technical background. Plus, years of practical experience in marketing and sales. International Executive MBA.

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