What Would Mike Belsito Do With 1 Billion Dollars?

I recently asked Mike Belsito what he would do if someone would give him $1B. That’s what he answered…

We all have some sort of answer to the question of what we would do if someone invested in us/gave us some amount of money. Let say a million or 5 millions dollars. But what would you do if someone gave you $1B?

Recently I asked Mike Belsito (co-founder of eFuneral, author of “Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us: How to Raise $1 Million for Your Startup – Even Outside of Silicon Valley”) about this. This is what he answered…

If I had $1 Billion, there would likely be a lot I’d do. On the personal side, I’d love to make sure I had enough time set aside to travel and just be with my family. I pride myself as a father and husband much more than I do a “businessperson” or “entrepreneur.”

On the professional side, I would probably spend most of my time doing two things.

1: For 50% of my time, I’ll continue to create new products that I’m excited about. I think this will be something I’ll always do, whether rich or poor.

2: For the other 50% of my time, I’d focus on mentoring and investing in other entrepreneurs’ businesses.

Certainly, I’m sure I would get involved philanthropically, but I’m not quite sure how! I’d probably spend time trying to figure out how we could make the most impact, philanthropically.

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